Rocking K Bar T Ranch

My Name is Chance and I am Autistic. I am different but not less.


   I love my ranch and animals. I like to show and raise  Longhorn cattle. I also like to rope and ride my horses and mules. I am a cowboy and I can do anything because that is how God made me. I am six until November 17 then I will be 7.  I run this ranch ( Rocking K Bar T ). I get things done. I can drive the tractor and like to ride the quad and swim at Benny's pool.  

Sometimes I get stressed out with big crowds and loudness. I have a hard time expressing my emotions. When I can not find the words to say I get upset. I like my cows and they help me in my own way. 




Some very special people I call my friends


  This is Ben Myran he is my Friend and he helped me to get into showing Longhorns. He also helped us start raising Longhorns. This cow is Moe. Moe is the first cow I ever did a show with in 2009.

 This photo was at  Missoula, MT fair in 2011


  This is Charlie Gray he is a cowboy and has a ranch in Plains Mt. We like to talk deals like, "Can I buy two bulls and 3 heifers for $10.00." I am still working on him.  He is my friend and I like to talk about Longhorns with him. He also has a daughter and she is married to Tim, so she can not be my girl friend. Just a friend. 

Mutton Busting



  Total concentration and focus. I have already done the ride in my head a thousand times.


I stayed on across the whole arena. I took First Place.


My first solo with showing Longhorns


  This is Bella she is my first Longhorn heifer. I showed by myself. This was one of the best days. This was at the Spokane Fair.  

September  2011


Something is not right do you see that?